For Your Backyard
Affordability | Vote Andrew Myers

Minnesotans enjoy a beautiful place to live, good schools and great community, but in recent year’s affordability, regulation and increased taxes have impacted both the young and the old.

As an attorney, owner and operator of a small business, Andrew has the expertise and experience to address rising costs, confront labor and supply chain issues, bring transparency to spending, and reduce costs for Minnesota families, and businesses.

Solutions: Andrew co-authored common sense bills that would have reduced your car tab fees, reduce the cost of gas and provided property tax refunds to everyday families allowing them to balance their budget given the high cost of groceries, utility costs and interest rates.

Mental Health | Vote Andrew Myers
Mental Health

Mental Health means investing in resources for families and
building more public and private partnerships to ensure the mental health needs of our children, veterans, and neighbors are fully address.

Solutions: Andrew has brought together and learned from mental health professionals, so we can increase screening, enhance treatment options, strengthen our mental health workforce and provide more affordable public and private options. Andrew continues to work with local schools, statewide and local organizations, parents, and children to build a better and more responsive mental health system.

Education | Vote for Andrew Myers

Education starts with parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, principals, school boards and superintendents working together to support and invest in our children’s future in college, vocational training, the work force, serving our country or supportive employment.

Solutions: Andrew co-authored the Education Bill that provided historic investment in our schools and teachers with direct flexible spending with the purpose to remove mandates and allow options and opportunity for our children.

Environment | Vote Andrew Myers

Environment means investing in our natural resources to provide clean water, increase access to our parks and trails, reduce carbon; protect wildlife and the natural beauty that is one of a kind to Minnesota and Your Back Yard.

Solutions: Andrew chief authored the
Keep It Clean Bill, which protects our waters including Lake Minnetonka from the dumping of waste and trash. He also chief authored a bill to help protect and develop local parks like the Excelsior Commons. Andrew co-authored the aquatic invasive species bill helping to provide vital research to protect Minnesota’s clean waters.

Infrastructure | Vote Andrew Myers

Our communities depend on reliable roads, safe bridges, clean parks, accessible sidewalks, and safe drinking water.

Solutions: As a member of the Capital
Investment Committee, Andrew secured:

  • $10.3 million for safe clean drinking water infrastructure improvements in Mound
  • Authored a Highway 7 bill which provided $750,000 to address safety in Your Backyard.

Andrew will continue to invest in roads, bridges, water and community infrastructure needs vital to Long Lake, Excelsior, Orono, Shorewood, Minnetonka Beach, Spring Park, Mound and Minnetrista.

Economic Growth | Vote for Andrew Myers
Economic Growth

Revitalizing Minnesota owners, operators and employees to the land of 10,000 opportunities means incentivizing new ideas and more services with a business environment that promotes entrepreneurial opportunities creating more good paying jobs.

Solutions: As a small business owner, Andrew has built long term policies that promote new ideas, innovative services and the opportunity for economic growth from owner to employee by chief authoring a bills that credits small business with hiring new employees and increases the dependent care credit, so middle income families can qualify.