House File 2489

Shorewood; Highway 7 Safety Improvements

House File 2745

Protecting Minnesota Lakes with the Keep it Clean Bill

House File 3111

Transportation: Car Tab Fee Reduction Bill

House File 3263

Gas Tax Reduction Holiday 

House File 3185

Firearm eligibility immunity provided before private transfer  

House File 4007

 Increased Education Funding Through Cross Subsidy

House File 4253

First Time Homebuyer Interest Rate Buy Down Grant 

House File 3935

Uber, Lyft, and Transportation Safety Act

House File 3884

Nurse and Medical Provider Safety Act

House File 4255

Budget Surplus Returned as Statewide Property Tax Relief 

House File 4435

Responsible Housing Affordability Act

House File 4430

Clean Energy Through Responsible Modular Reactor Plan

House File 4352

Boots On the Ground: Amplifying Educators Voices At The Capitol

House File 213

Funding for Community Food Shelfs


House File 346

Increased Funding for Mental Health

House File 1015

Small City Funding


House File 1198

Child Care Assistance

House File 3553

Education Formula Funding Increase 

House File 3790

Veterans Grants

House File 3808

Teachers Pensions

House File 4263

Parks and Trail Improvements 

House File 4264

Mental Health Access for K-12 Expanded

House File 4349

Childcare Credit Expanded


House File 4776

Childcare Deduction For Employer Funding

House File 5070

Repeal of Regressive Metrowide Sales Tax